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August 5, 2014 / alexandralockyer


On saturday, I went with my mumma to go and see the play ‘Skylight’ featuring Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy. We had high expectations of the play from the rave reviews we had read and luckily purchased some cheap tickets despite it being nearly sold out! Carey Mulligan is one of my favourite actresses so I was so excited to see her in the flesh. The play was a matinée, I was expecting the actors to not put in 100% effort in order to leave energy for the evening performance. How very wrong I was, in fact Mulligan didn’t leave the stage the entire time (apart from the interval) despite their only being herself and two other actors in the entire play.

Bill Nighy as Tom

I shall give a brief synopsis of the plot, not revealing anything big. Bill Nighy plays a rich businessman Tom who visits his ex-lover Kyra, played by Carey Mulligan as he suffers from grief due to the death of his wife Alice, a year ago. Kyra has moved on from her past with Tom, living in a council estate instead of the house she used to share with Tom, Alice and their son Edward played by Matthew Beard.

Carey Mulligan as Kyra

I can honestly say it was one of the best plays I have seen in my life so far, the acting being high-class and highlighting the incredible talents of Matthew Beard, Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan. This is the second run of David Hare’s play, the original being shown onstage in 1995. Bill Nighy was in the original performance too therefore me expecting for him to be lazy and almost not giving it his all, once again I was mistaken as he was absolutely astonishing creating laughter throughout the audience and the next minute I had tears in my eyes as his grief.

Carey Mulligan and Matthew Beard as Kyra and Edward

(All photos taken from Google)

The dialogue is beautifully written ranging from colloquial conversation to debate about Kyra’s hate for the right-wing politicians due to her experience of teaching in an inner city school. Both Kyra and Tom share contrasting views on a range of things but are somehow connected which was expressed through the tender moments of their intimate gestures. I recommend this play to anyone who has the opportunity to see it, and I am glad I had the chance to as it was lovely seeing live theatre after an overdue while due to exams etc.


July 21, 2014 / alexandralockyer

Apologies and Zante.

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting in such a very long time, despite the fact that I promised I would regularly update my blog particularly as it is summer now. I have been so busy ever since I finished exams, only now do I have the time to finally relax and chill.

So here is what I have been up to for the last couple of weeks, I recently turned the big 18 officially making me an adult and therefore having to claim some sort of responsibility in my life. I have survived and returned from my first girls holiday without any parents, meaning that I can call myself independent. It was an experience to say the least including one of my friends losing a tooth, swimming in the sea at 4 in the morning, drinking way too much for 6 nights straight and being stranded in a Greek airport whilst our flight was delayed for 6 hours.

As so much has happened over the last couple of weeks I am going to update you all in several blog posts otherwise I will end up writing an entire novel on here which will cause you to end up nodding off half way through reading it.

Therefore this blog post is dedicated to sharing the memories and experience of my holiday to Zante for 7 days with 4 other friends.

It is only recently that a lads or girls holiday has some what becomes a rite of passage in our generation. Once you have finished school, you all go off to a foreign land (one of the well-known party destinations), which in our case was Zante in Greece. Thinking ahead you do not expect much to come from these types of holidays apart from lots and I mean lots of drinking, sleeping all day in an attempt to get rid of your hangover from the night before and making friends that I am sure you will never see again once you have returned home. This is certainly was the case for my holiday, we completed all the stereotypical holiday activities such as swimming at night, meeting new people, drinking games, getting thrown out of clubs and just overall causing a lot of chaos. Fortunately a group of boys from my school were out there at the same time as my friends, so we ended up grouping together causing us to travel in a group of about 13 of us each night to the strip.

When we booked the holiday we were expecting our hotel to be rather basic due to the amount we paid for it, luckily we were surprised of how amazing it was and we certainly got our value for money. I can honestly say Zante is how I expected it to be, the strip one long main road covered in bars, clubs and even strip clubs. The reps for each bar lurching at you in order for you to come in, attempting to entice you with the deal of two cocktails and two shots for five euros. Another thing that surprised me was how cheap everything is out there, of course we fitted the demographic perfectly of all the hotels and bars, so they knew that we weren’t bringing out lots of money and were looking for the best deals. We found a place that did a free bar all night for 10 euros, Brilliant we thought! However, two nights on the trot there and the cocktails started to really hit us as let’s just say they were not of the best quality.

I can honestly say I had one of the best weeks of my life out there, making friends with many people out there and seeing some things I rather wouldn’t of. But, through all the booze and heat as a group of friends we stuck together like glue and the whole experience has made us tighter and much more appreciative of home. I am going to include some pictures of the holiday just highlighting how crazy it was (to be fair, as a group we were some of the craziest people out there) and anyone second guessing on going a holiday of this kind, DON’T you will have so much fun!

Oscar Hotel On the last night we decided to buy flashing hair bows


June 12, 2014 / alexandralockyer

exams are over *happy dance*

Firstly I would like to say a BIG sorry for not having made a post in so long, I have been revising for my exams 24/7 but that all ended today as I finished my exams. That’s right the dreaded things are over, and never will I have to take an examination at my school again (unless I fail everything and have to retake the year..) but hopefully that won’t happen. It feels slightly odd having this freedom now, not having to feel guilty when watching TV because I’m not doing a past paper or learning pages of a textbook. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet that my summer has officially started! Maybe it’s due to the fact that none of my friends have finished yet so I haven’t exactly got many plans, or just that I am not used to having all this freedom? I just have to wait for the dreaded the results day in August to find out what my future holds for me.

I find almost peculiar how you spend a whole year learning a syllabus, and yet it is all over in a two and a half hour examination. All that time spent in school, staying up till god knows what time finishing homework you should have done the week before and cramming coursework in your free periods doesn’t matter, it all depends on this one exam. This is why kids feel so much pressure, if they get a hard paper or answer the question incorrectly than they have failed, effecting their future.

But, let me not worry about exams anymore as I am FREEEEE! This summer I promise to keep you updated on all the adventures that I get up too, this one being particularly special as I am turning the big 18 and will be going on my first holiday without any parents, just my 4 best friends and I heading to Zante alone. I have decided to document this summer on my blog as it is my finally one before adulthood, as it is my last one before I head off to university and into the big scary real world…

May 20, 2014 / alexandralockyer

‘don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened’

guess what!?.. *tense dramatic music*

I have officially finished school. YES, I no longer have attend education anymore. Well, apart from the fact that I’ve got to take my exams.. but anyway I cannot believe that this time has finally arrived. In my mind I never thought I would actually leave school, for many years I looked up to the big scary sixth formers seeing them leave school and head out to the real world. Never did I imagine that I would be joining them.

Despite it being my last day at school last week, I somehow didn’t feel emotional. Maybe it was because I still have exams and revision sessions so I will be going back or just because I feel ready to move onto bigger things such as university. I am really going to miss the little things at school such as seeing my friends everyday, having some sort of structure to my day and just learning. I don’t think I will miss the actual concept of school but more the people who made my schooldays the best days of my life so far. Of course like any teenager there have been ups and downs, some days wishing I didn’t have to go in and others in which I was having so much fun I wish they didn’t end.

I somehow feel a lot older now that I have left school, as though overnight I have suddenly become an adult and therefore have to pay bills, and become responsible for things. This of course isn’t true as I am yet to turn 18, and still have my exams to go.. There is one thing good about leaving, that is I am so much closer to going off to university (if I get the grades). I have felt ready to move on from school since the start of january, and the prospect of studying what I truly love and getting the chance to experience new things is so exciting to me.

I think the one thing I will miss most about school is the sense of community that my year had, as it goes we were incredibly close and that is something I loved. I felt happy and relaxed to chat to anyone about anything, whereas some schools most people don’t know everyone’s name in their year. Events such as MUN and the sixth form dinner have also made my school years enjoyable, only getting to sixth form did I really appreciate the people around me that I classed as my friends. I leave school happy and content looking forward to what the future holds for me, but knowing that the friends I have made in my last couple of years are ones that I will stay with for the rest of my life.

Here are a few pictures of my last couple of days at school, which I will treasure for a very long time;

Baddies Photoshoot on the steps Collage of some of the best pictures On our last day in our old uniform "On Wednesday's we wear pink and on Thursday's we wear blue" Last ever chapel service. The drama crew

May 3, 2014 / alexandralockyer

I won an oscar *dances crazily*

Well I didn’t win a real oscar unfortunately but hopefully in the future I will win a real one *crosses fingers*. I in fact won a roscar at my school. Every year there is the roscars; celebrating and showcasing all the work that the media students have created throughout the year for their coursework. I created an independent film trailer for my coursework, and won the award for best trailer. There are only three awards for my year at the ceremony, and I won one so I was pretty pleased with myself. I totally didn’t expect it as I thought everyone’s was so much better than mine..

Here is the link to my school’s website in which you can watch my film trailer for ‘Reel Love’, and I appreciate it immensely if you took a look;


thanks xo

April 27, 2014 / alexandralockyer

april review.

So I haven’t done a review on my blog for some time now so I thought I would do one of a book, film, product and app I have loved/seen/used this month..

1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

I often find with perfumes that they are either incredibly strong and overpowering or nice, but after a while the smell goes meaning that you have to spray yourself every 30 minutes or so. I recently got this as an easter present from my mumma, it has the perfect mixture of sweetness and strength causing it to be perfect as it means I only have to apply it once or twice a day. The bottle in itself is beautiful, the rubber flowers at the top make it so pretty and the bottle is a nice large size. Whereas I often find perfumes to be small which means you aren’t exactly getting your money’s worth. Daisy is the perfect sent for both spring and summer, and it is one that I can definitely see myself buying in the future.

2. Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

Child 44

I recently begun reading this book after buying it many months ago when browsing a book shop, I read a review in a magazine saying how amazing it is and that you wouldn’t be able to put it down, I can certainly say that I agree with the review. Based on a true story, it tells the thrilling story of a MGB agent Leo Demidov in Stalin’s Soviet Union trying to solve multiple murders that have been occurring all over Russia. I don’t often read thriller type books, to be honest this is probably one of the first for me but I highly recommend it. Once you get over the pronunciation of some of the characters names, it gets really intense and I found myself reading for over two hours yesterday. Without giving too much away there are many twists and turns in the plot, and it is one of a trilogy, meaning that I am sure there is plenty more to come. It is also being made into a film starring the lovely Tom Hardy, so let’s hope the film lives up to the book’s great story.

3. Avatar


I have been avoiding this film ever since it was released back in 2009 as for some reason I thought I would absolutely hate it. I can watch any film, often finding myself getting through five or so a week but Avatar being nearly three hours long just didn’t appeal to me. I had read many articles on how big the film’s budget was and the amount of money it made globally in the box office, and I can certainly see why so many people went and saw it. Not only was the acting surprisingly super, but the special effects and CGI was outstanding, clearly showing why the budget was so big. The story is quite simple which is what I liked as often with sci-fi blockbuster films they are often quite hard to follow but I found Avatar easy. I’m astonished as to why it took me so long to see the film as I certainly was missing out and being a media student this was amazing to watch knowing all about the film industry. I would highly recommend this film if you have three hours of your life available.

4. Uberfacts


I am constantly on twitter, retweeting people’s tweets and stalking celebrities but Uberfacts has been an account that I have followed since I first started my twitter account. The creator recently launched an app named the same ‘Uberfacts’ in which it tells you lots of interesting facts about multiple topics [pretty self-explanatory really]. I have always had a little obsession with facts, starting from receiving a book of pointless facts when I was a child and even now I can tell you that Dolphin’s sleep with one eye open or that it impossible for pig’s to look up to the sky. These have often helped me win pub quizzes so there has been no harm in my little hobby, and this app certainly keeps me entertained. My favourite topic is celebrities finding out interesting things such as Mr T was a bodyguard for Michael Jackson in the 80’s and Anne Hathaway wanted to be a nun when she was younger. I recommend to anyone who like me loves learning useless information, or just needs to brighten up their morning commute to work. The app is also free which is a bonus!

April 15, 2014 / alexandralockyer


So I have spent the majority of my week obsessively looking at pictures from Coachella; the popular music festival in California. I have always dreamed of attending the festival and hopefully someday in the near future this dream will come true.. I have decided to dedicate this blog post to my favourite outfits that I have seen from the various celebs who attended the festival; mainly through Instagram and twitter and why I like them so much. Let the Coachella fashion pictures commence… [I should point out that none of these photos were taken from me, I have simply used other websites I will list the sources in the captions] ENJOY!

I absolutely love the Delevingne sisters and this high-waisted bikini not only shows off Poppy’s amazing figure, but is fashionable and classy at the same time.

Here Rita’s hair looks amazing, I love the fact that she’s played with the traditional look of a plait in order to conform to her quirky and unusual sense of style.

Beyoncé, or Queen B as I should be calling her is known as never having an off day when it comes to fashion and certainly looked to die for at Coachella. Her natural beauty is shown through her minimal make up, apart from the lipstick which I personally think adds a little something to her outfit and the matching shorts and top combo represents her fun and playful side.

[google images]

[google images]

Here Alessandra looks fab with her friends, truly fitting into the bohemian hippie chic style seen at Coachella. Not only does she manage to look fashionable but also looks as though she is having a great time all at once. God I wish I was her..

And lastly but certainly not least is.. one of my favourite TV presenters; Laura Whitmore. She is known for her sensational fashion sense and she certainly didn’t let us down at Coachella this year. Her top is amazing, where can I find it? and the playful gold cat ears just make her outfit that little more fun and festival suited just for Coachella.


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